About JSR

Jashore Airport is a domestic airport operated and maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). This airport is also used as a part of BAF Matiur Rahman Base by Bangladesh Air Force and as training airfield for Bangladesh Air Force Academy.

The then British Government constructed an air base in Jashore for British Air Force during Second World War. After the war, the base was used by Pakistan Air Force until 1956. In 1956, initiatives were taken to start full airport in Jashore. Finally, the airport started its domestic flight operation in 1960.

This Airport is located at 7 km north of Jashore city and 140 km south-west from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

The airport operates flights only in Jashore-Dhaka-Jashore route. Airlines presently operating their passenger flights in this route are listed below.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • Novoair
  • Regent Airways
  • US-Bangla Airlines.

Besides this domestic cargo flights are also operated to and from different destination at Jashore Airport.

This airport uses JSR as IATA code.

General Information

Latitude 23o 11′ 01.50″ N
Longitude 089o 09′ 39.21″ E
TWR FREQ. 123.2MHz, 123.9 MHz
VOR JSR, Freq, 113 MHz
NDB JR, Freq. 280 KHz
VHF 123.2 MHz, 123.9 MHz
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