Located 1.5 kilometer away from Cox’s Bazar City, Cox’s Bazar airport is presently a domestic airport which is going to be upgraded to an international airport very soon. This airport is 396 kilometer away from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.

Due to the presence of Cox’s Bazar Sea ┬áBeach nearby, this airport mainly attracts domestic and international tourists since its journey. ┬áBesides this, some cargo aircraft transports shrimp fry from this airport.

The then British government constructed this airport to use it during the second world war. After the war, operation of the airport was postponed and the airport was abandoned for long time. During Pakistan regime, Cox’s Bazar Airport started its functioning as a domestic airport in 1956. But it suspended such operation two times after that.

During Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971, this airport was damaged severely. After the Liberation War, Bangladesh government repaired it and the airport started its function again in 1972. At that time, Biman operated one flight every week and during Off-Peak season of tourism, flight operation used to be postponed. After GMG Airlines, the first private airlines, started its flight operation in …., and since then, flight operation at Cox’s Bazar airport became regular.

At present, Cox’s Bazar airport is situated on a total of 941 acres of land and is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh.

The airport is located 1.5 kilometer from Cox’s Bazar city and 396km from Dhaka.

Currently, the following 04 (four) airlines operators are operating their passenger flights to and from Cox’s Bazar Airport.

  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd.
  • Novo air Ltd.
  • Us Bangla Airlines Ltd.
  • Regent Airways Ltd.
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